What is the Contingent Talent Community?

It is a marketplace for current and future contingent (contract) assignments at Enbridge.

By joining the growing talent community, you will be matched with great opportunities to work at Enbridge based on your skills, experience, and availability. 

Enhance your resume with contingent work at one of the largest energy delivery companies in North America

Contingent Work:

Contingent work is a contract arrangement where someone is hired to work for a specific period, which could range from a few weeks to several months.

What Contingent Work looks like at Enbridge:

As a Contingent Worker at Enbridge, you are hired and paid by Raise and assigned to work at an Enbridge office, worksite location, or even remotely. An Enbridge People Leader will take appropriate measures to oversee your work product, which may include daily meetings to discuss work progress, plans, and any questions you may have regarding your work assignment.

As a Contingent Worker you are not an employee of Enbridge. You are an employee of Raise, the employer of record for Enbridge’s contingent labour program.